What is Papier Mache - 1

What is Papier Mache - 1

"Papier-mache is a French word called" carton-pierre ". It means petrified cardboard as its origin.


Kartonpiyer Nedir

Although it is used as the general name of all interior decoration products made of gypsum, since there is no other word in our language, papier-mache refers to the architectural element extending horizontally in the ceiling-wall combination in interior decoration.

Not only does it hide the irregularities in the wall-ceiling connections, the carton piers complete the “space lar and complete and enrich the aesthetics of the space. They have many functions as a crown on a fireplace or a cupboard, as a detail on the form of hidden light foreheads, as capitals on the columns. It can be produced from materials such as gypsum, gypsum, wood, styrofoam, polyurethane, which can be in various patterns, shapes and sizes.


History of Papier Mache


In ancient times, stone carvings began to be carved from stone, reflecting the architectural features of each period and culture.

First of all, the Egyptians made carvings called etto cavetto ”and“ torus.. After that the papier-mache architecture developed on such concave and convex models. The ancient Greeks used ellipses, parabola and hyperbola. The Romans developed the Greek architecture that they inherited and created models that survived to the present day in the form of semicircles and quarters.16. yy' da kartonpiyer çeşitliliği iyice zenginleşmeye başladı. Roma dönemi modelleri ve mimarisi tekrar güç kazandı.

With the development of planing machines in the 1850s, carpenters started mass production. For example, each small piece in the il dentil ”model was carved, sanded, nailed into place and produced quickly.


“dentil” modeli

In the 19th century, thanks to mass production, papier mache became widespread and began to enter the houses. The “Victorian architecture deki of this period led to the emergence of a variety of eclectic models using classical, Romanesque, Gothic and Renaissance motifs.


In the following articles, we will explain the periodic models in more detail.


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