What is crown moulding -2

In our previous article, we briefly explained what the crown moulding means and its history. Now we will try to introduce the patterns used in moulding models.

Dentil Pattern

It is a pattern of ordered cube shapes on the cornice. This name is given because it resembles the alignment of the teeth in the mouth.

Greek Key

This pattern is called “curved path” or “spiral”. As the name suggests, it emerged during the Ancient Greek period.


It is the motif where the folds form sequential circles. Although the term emerged in the 18th century, the origin of the motif goes back to the Assyrians.

Vitruvian Scroll (Wave Pattern)

The motif is based on ancient Greece, named after the Roman architect Marcus Vitrivius Pollio.

Leaf Patterns

Many leaf patterns such as acanthus, bay leaves are often used in moulding models.

Festoon Motif


Floral motif dangling from the ribbon on both sides.

Arabesque Motif

Ivy shaped flower leaf pattern.

Egg & Arrow / Egg & Leaf Motif

The egg and arrow model is said to symbolize life and death in ancient times.


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