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If necessary, our design team will detail the 3D drawings suitable for our products and present them to your liking in a short time.
Model and Mold Making
We have CNC molded metal molds for mass production of large quantities. For special production, the model of the material that is thought to be produced is firstly modeled by hand carving and / or cnc machining from materials such as gypsum, wood or paste. Mold is taken from materials such as silicone, epoxy, polyester according to the quality and production amount of the product to be produced from the model obtained. Cover system is integrated to the mold to withstand the pressure created by the polyurethane to be poured into it.
Each building, each place has its own characteristics and history and requires a special approach. We first determine what the space or façade needs, we work according to customer requests and budget.

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What is crown moulding -2

In our previous article, we briefly explained what the papier mache means and its history. Now we will try to introduce the patterns used in papier mache models.

What is Papier Mache - 1

Papier-mache is a term that has passed from the French word “carton-pierre dilim to our language. The word origin means petrified cardboard. To simulate stone

What is Polyurethane?

Polyurethane is a type of thermoset plastic. That is, they harden after polymerization and do not soften again.

Hard Polyurethane Foam

Rigid polyurethane foams are cellular construction, closed cell construction material. Hard polyurethane foam provides excellent thermal insulation is the most important reason for the material

Durability and Quality in Interior Decoration Applications Polyurethane

Polyurethane materials, which you have heard frequently in the construction sector in the recent period, stand out with their advantages both on sectoral basis and to their users.